I’ve been lucky enough to work on a large range of projects with a variety of clients, If you’d like anymore information on my previous experience please do get in touch.

07/20Once Blank Games'Flamin-GO' Indie gameSound designer
02/20Shoot You"Ransomware" CommercialSound designer
08/19OMD'Walkers sensations' Ambisonic CommercialSound designer
04/19-07/20FoxByte Games'Beat your meat' Indie gameSound designer
03/19Phantom'For the Web' AnimationSound designer
01/19Beyond Words Studio'The Global Fund' Animated Data Visualisation Sound designer
11/18Ink and Light"Happy Go Hopscotch" Animation TV PromosSound designer
10/18Signal Noise UBS conference animationsSound designer
10/18Kino Mind Films"Happy go Hopscotch" Children's animationSound effects editor
10/18Signal Noise"GJP Swift" Animated data visualisationSound designer
07/18Once Blank Games"Project Gear Jump" Indie gameSound designer
07/18Signal NoiseNissan Datsun animated explainer seriesSound designer
05/18 - 07/18 Sony Interactive"Death Stranding" AAA GameDialogue editor
06/18The White Chapel Gallery'Platon Movil' Art installationSound recordist and designer
05/18Mothers best ChildConsumer international TV AdSound designer
04/18 - 06/18Sony Interactive"Blood and Truth" VR GameDialogue Editor
04/18Signal NoiseNissan Epower conference animationsSound designer
03/18Signal NoiseErnst & Young animationSound designer
03/18University of the Arts LondonPromosSound recordist and editor
03/18Beyond Words StudioUN Conference animationsSound designer
03/18Good RelationsSubway explainer animated seriesSound designer
11/17Arabia Pictures"One day in the Haram" Feature length documentarySound effects editor
11/17Mothers Best Child"Every blank ever" Comedy shortsSound designer
11/17 - 06/18Sony Interactive"Marvel's Spiderman" AAA GameDialogue editor
11/17Tractorni Productions"The Prowler" Feature filmADR recordist
10/17Helical LevityExplainer AnimationSound designer
09/17Accelerate digital "International Olympic Committee" PromoSound designer
08/17Good Relations "Subway" Explainer animation seriesSound designer
07/17 - 09/17Sony Interactive"God of War' AAA GameDialogue editor
06/17Sony Interactive"Team Bravo" Game TrailerSound designer
06/17Sony "Matterfall" Game TrailerSound designer
05/17BBC Scotland"Trust me I'm a vet" DocumentarySound editor
04/17Good Relations"South Eastern Trains" Explainer animationsSound designer
04/17Casual Films"Thomson Reuters" Explainer animation Sound designer
03/17Beyond Words Studio"Sustainable Energy for all" Data visualisations for a UN conferenceSound designer
02/17TED"The exceptional life of Benjamin Banneker" Factual animationSound designer
01/17South Bank Centre 'Nordic Matters' PromoSound designer
12/16The school of life'How to be open minded' animationSound designer
12/16The school of life'How to not be boring' animationSound designer
12/16NNLS Charity'We shall overcome' Charity fundraiser videoSound recordist
12/16South Eastern'The Key' Explainer animationSound designer
12/16Tractorni Productions"The Miracle' Short film Sound designer
10/16Odelay Films'Baxters Deli Slaw' CommercialsSound designer
10/16The school of life'Why you shouldn't trust your feelings'Sound designer
08/16Universal'Telemundo Promos' Series of promosSound designer
08/16The school of life'On being out of touch with one's feelings' animationSound designer
07/16Odelay Films'Hiscox' Series of explainer animationSound designer
06/16Beyond Words Studio'Facebook Christmas' Commercial seriesSound designer
06/16TED 'Interpreters' factual animation Sound designer
05/16Odelay Films'Dot Everyone' explainer animationSound designer
03/16Beyond Words Studio'BBC iWonder' series of short animationsSound designer
02/16Mythica Entertainment Limited'Ren' TV series Sound effects editor
01/16The School of Life 'Partners Fault' animationSound designer
10/15Hyptv‘Joe Hill – Fireman’ book promoSound designer
09/15Save The Children‘Help is coming’ interviewSound recordist
09/15The School of Life'Safety' short animationSound designer
08/15ELLE MagazineInterview podcastSound editor
07/15Dhaulagiri Films LTD'Special Present'Sound effects & foley
06/15Longview Productions‘Wolf of Enfield’ shortRe-recording mixer
04/15Coldharbour Pictures‘Making It’ featureSound effects editor &
foley recordist
03/15Quarry Island Films‘Social Suicide’ featureSound effects editor &
foley recordist
03/15Stone Empire Films‘The Forbidden Notes’
Sound effects editor
02/15Orange County Gaming Group'Realm Sound' smartphone app ( Competition Winner)Sound designer
11/14Nevermind Films'One Day in Whitechapel' shortSound effects editor
10/14Mantik/Bosley Productions'Parallax' shortSound effects editor
09/14Monkey See FilmsLDXNYADR recordist/mixer
09/14Alethia Photos Collective'Gazi to Gezi' short documentary
(Winner Best Documentary at ECU)
Dialogue editor
08/14Nevermind Films'One Day in Whitechapel' shortSound recordist
07/14Aldridge FT'British Dark' drama mini seriesSound effects editor
07/14London Film School'Back to Zero' shortSound effects editor
06/14The Jitsu FoundationJiu Jitsu promo videoSound designer
06/14Monkey See Films'Bench' shortSound recordist
05/1448hr film competition'Well connected' shortSound effects editor
04/14Pepsi'Pepsi Nigeria' commercialSound maintenance
04/14Huck MagazineInterviewSound recordist
03/14Orange County Gaming Group'Battle Bards' smartphone appSound designer
03/14Pretzel Films'Mail Rail' short documentarySound effects editor